This is just a quick and dirty update on some technical issues and release ideas I’ve been playing with for a little while, during the interim of school and work and writing (two of which take up so much of my time and leaves so little for the third).

iOS Version of MH

I’ve done more research into it and there really is no way for me to consistently develop MH for iOS since the way that Ren’py compiles the files is to give me an XCode bundle which then I would go into XCode and compile the app into whatever the hell kind of file that runs on iOS.

The problem with that is 1) I have access to a Mac technically through my sister, but it’s their school/work computer so I can’t exactly request that they take on this 10+ GB burden that they will certainly not use, 2) most of my access to it would be remote, therefore if there were issues my sister would be unable to actually troubleshoot or fix problems with sizing and stuff, and I would not be able to effectively fix these things without being in the room.

I have two options right now:

1) Looking into remote access of their Mac, which they may not even let me do, and still contains the issue of them using 10GB of space on a program they’ll never use.

2) I’m trying to look into if it’s possible for y’all to make use of the macOS version on iPhone somehow but it’s… trying. iPhones are generally recommended for older people because they rarely change layout or functionality in a major way (which is always a problem with Android which frequently changes appearance alone) so there’s a lot of very basic questions that I have to filter through that are tagged or phrased wrong.

But I use Google Analytics (mostly to tell when the best time is to post things so most of you will see them right away) and it’s informing me that besides standard desktop/android, iOS is actually a larger portion of my audience than Mac is. I’m not sure how accurate the data is yet since I haven’t even had the tracking turned on for a month (ie it tells me that no one looks at my games at all on Wednesdays and Thursdays) but it’s worth looking into.

Fund Benefits

I was thinking that with the new Valerian chapter eventually approaching (so much writing ;;) I might try something new. Since I started on Ko-Fi Gold, I have the ability to post things to people who’ve donated (I think, I haven’t played much with it). I was thinking I might post the chapter like for the first week exclusively there, just to make sure there’s some actual benefit to giving me money besides the warm fuzzies (and I mean, a copy of MH when it’s eventually finished).

I’d have to look into the logistics, but if it at least gets people looking at my Ko-Fi page then it’ll have been worth it ;; I’ll have more details on this idea as I get closer to being able to enter the editing stages on Valerian.

500 Followers Event

This is just a countdown, we need four people (to follow me on Tumblr) to make it happen. For those maybe not following me at the moment, I planned on accepting drabbles (from a self-written list). When the time does eventually come I’ll make a big post with ground rules and stuff that’s a lot more clear than the ask I answered about it. I’m baffled though, honestly, that we haven’t had to wait overly long to make this a reality.

Benefits to following my blog are that I post extra content, progress reports more frequently, and answer questions !! The progress reports are probably the most important, since I rarely get around to posting them here: for instance, I have two large thirds and a conclusion to Valerian's next chapter to write, between school and work.

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