Meet Valerian’s inner circle of lieutenants, his gang, and figure out just what exactly his problem is before his insistence on protecting you from enemies both known and unknown smothers the flame that you were sure was there: and take your first steps towards finding out who trapped you in the manor. 

Early access is now over and the new chapter of Manor Hill: Valerian's Chapter Three (plus some general game changes) is now publically available on the itchio page!  I'd still appreciate any feedback you could offer me before the public release: as far as I know there's no major bugs, but lots of things have changed.

1) Font Size: For the sake of Android users, font has been knocked down three points. Is this too difficult for you to read? Let me know! It was unreasonably huge on the android version, but that's separate from the desktop version, so if you find it too small let me know and I can workshop it! This change will affect all routes, even though only Valerian has new content at this time.

2) Stat Screen: This change should only affect Valerian's route at the moment, but accessible from the quick menu there should now be a chapter by chapter track of your progress in Valerian's route's two main stats (friendship and rivalry). You'll get your total numbers for each stat at the top (keep in mind with these stats that the specific numbers don't make a difference: all that matters is which is higher). Below the numbers count, you'll see a summary of the decisions that led to your current numbers in the chapter you're on. 

On desktop, you'll see the "STATS" button greyed out until chapter two (when it starts to actually matter); on Android, I believe it's always accessible. It shouldn't be but it is, but hopefully it doesn't matter. To exit the menu, hit RETURN in the upper right corner.

Please keep in mind that for this feature to work correctly, you might have to start a new game: this is because the summary of decisions had to be retroactively added to all relevant decisions, so if you try to access them on a save where they've never been initialized, it'll probably chuck its guts about it.

Have questions? Comments? Feedback? I don't know if this post lets you comment (I'm new to this platform) but my blog allows you to anonymously message me (ie you don't have to sign up on Tumblr) with anything you'd like to let me know !! Thank-you for supporting me and if you have any other suggestions about what you'd like to see, feel free to let me know that as well.


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