Hi all, I just switched up some things with Valerian to reflect what Gnarl is going to look like come time. They're very close to being finished, but as I've mentioned on my Tumblr, I'm in school for programming and I'm doing a full Unity game as part of a group so unfortunately that's gotta take priority.

Major change is that Valerian's sound got snatched out, because I honestly have absolutely no time to add sound to Gnarl's. It isn't removed like I can never add it back, but it's just been seamlessly moved. To another folder on my computer.  But, let me know if you can't access the files for whatever reason for if one isn't working or whatever, because that I can fix in a jiffy.

Gnarl is mad close and at this point a wee bit longer than Valerian. Not enormously longer, but just enough to make me feel relief because it felt like an essay where I had nothing to say sometimes. Doesn't all writing? But I don't wanna try and give you an ETA because again I'm trying to wire like menu systems and shit in the other game and my school hours got switched from starting at one to starting at 8am so my days are horrible blurs of time and space.

Soon. Crossies.


Valerian [PC_Mac_Linux_Android].zip 93 MB
Feb 01, 2019
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Feb 01, 2019

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