The demo for Valerian, Ren'py version is out! Art is by Leyla Mamedova, who will also be doing the art for our joint Actual Full VN, Fortune Told Two Things. Or whatever it's called. History has taught us we can't keep track of the title.

As far as Mac and Linux goes, I just had Ren'py build the builds but I have no real means of testing them. Let me know if there's an issue.

I'm actually in class right now so I might swing in and edit this with more information later, but for now this is it.


If you like, I have a little survey just to kind of collect ideas in an easy-to-fill format that doesn't necessarily require you thinking of something to comment because I know it isn't easy for everyone. If you fill that out, I'd be grateful.


MHValerian 1.0 PC.zip 56 MB
Oct 01, 2018
MHValerian 1.0 Mac.zip 39 MB
Oct 01, 2018
MHValerian-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 43 MB
Oct 01, 2018
Credits.pdf 31 kB
Oct 01, 2018

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