Sorry yall, another progress report, but a positive one! Art is done, writing and written editing is theoretically done (I do a few bonus pass overs before it goes up but the hard part of figuring out what I forgot to write is done), and sound is frankly? Dangerously close to being done and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't sound like hot hell. It does need a few passes just to make sure that it's as.... not awkward as possible since unfortunately the technology doesn't exist to tell where you are in a paragraph and play a sound based on the words you are actively reading: so sometimes some sounds may play a wee bit early, but hopefully that's nbd.

What I really wanna talk about is the art, because holy did @leylses do a banger job (which unfortunately I'm keeping under wraps until release). Like I've said all along it's not a FULL visual novel because I do not have that kind of money, nor personal artistic talent. But, there will be still-sprites framed on the page and lemme tell you I'm in love and not at all displeased with our workaround (since the text will still be full page, there was no place to cut off the sprites without making it look weird; until we fixed it, and now it doesn't look weird it looks lovely). 

On the personal side, I'm moving in November and hopefully finding a job in the same time frame because holy I hate spending money without simultaneously earning money so badly and I ain't even moved yet and I've already spent over a thousand just trying to get everything straight. None of this should affect the release because I mean to have the demo out in October but context is always useful in case I drop off for a little while come November. Again, I have a Twitter in case you want to hear from me more often than this, and my myriad misadventures re: sound (sound is so hard you guys but I have zero dollars to hire someone to handle it).

If yall have any questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to contact me !! And that's my September update. I meant to do this earlier (on the fourth, so I could milk the fact that it was my birthday) but time got away from me.

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