Okay, short update. I'm getting to the end of the writing for this chunk— so Valerian isn't done but he'll be up so y'all can read the next chapters in the new format, and we can kind of workshop this new thing. But, as we get to the end of the writing I start to consider 1) sound I have yet to add (I did some experimenting so it shouldn't take long I have to just.... figure it out as far as what I want to make sound), and 2) hire someone/a few people to draw. Not sure how that's gunna work at all but again, I've done tests (they look ridiculous because I drew a stickman as a placeholder) and it's theoretically possible and theoretically won't look like garbage. Here's hoping.

So again, ETA is shaky but we're coming to the end of the really hard part which is writing, coding, and testing. I think I mentioned this but I quit working (so donations are appreciated lmao) to go back to school to get a better job because retail? Blows. So I have a bit more free time to work on everything, am looking forward to a move (come like January I'm gunna be back in a city which is gunna be another adventure), and have a pretty good handle on balancing everything.

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